Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Steering wheel thing

My parents bought me a new steering wheel for the bus for my 40th Birthday. My old one was so cracked and chipped that it couldn't be aligned without braking, and the risk was that it might snap in several pieces while on the road. Not good.

Well, the thing about a black plastic steering wheel in the California valley in the summer is that it gets hot. As in too hot to touch. Which makes it difficult to fulfill it's primary function of, ya know, steering.

Wheelskins makes some really nice leather wraps and are conveniently located in Emeryville. So I give them a quick visit and the kind owner measures my steering wheel and custom cuts out a piece:

And while I'm camping (and fixing the fuel pump) my wheel goes from this

to this:

to this:

My drive home was nice and calm with no burning hands. Thanks Rebecca for you mad sewing skills.

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