Monday, October 26, 2009

SFgate photos

The Bay Area is filled with VW's, bugs, busses, things, rarities. I suspect that it is only appropriate that this photo set appears at SFgate- the Hearst-owned online arm of the SF Chronicle.

Jason Rehms bus is there, as are several cute bugs.

Granted, there is nothing like the flikr sets available, the bay window one is my favorite, of course, but the general Bus one isn't bad either.

Unrelated: in the neighborhood that I live in, there seems to be a bus on every other corner. I live here, Karl lives here, there's a younger couple that just bought a 1971 adventure wagon. And across the park in the other district, there is one on every block. Eurovans, Syncros, even a couple type 5's. Someone has the Hobie edition bus out by the zoo, and there is another 1970 like mine near 43rd and Noriega.

Anyone up for an east-end bus gathering?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Del valle Campout

Its been a while since my last posting. To be honest, I've been pretty busy with work, but I found some time to go camping this weekend.
Short summary: 8 Busses and one baja bug, 14 bottles of wine, one set of adjusted brakes, one relocation of a fuel pump, one window replacement, and one new camper among us. (Hi Jen with one "n"!)

It starting to get cold, so camping season is weeding out the weak. Those of us with fireplace skills and big tents will be fine.

Johns tent, and Joe and Dick's busses. Gives you an idea of just how big that thing is.

Regis's bus, while Romy and Aaron relocate a fuel pump.

A few more here

Del Valle is great as it is close to the Bay Area, and less than a 2 hour drive for most people attending. One of the kids caught a rainbow trout, the girlscouts camping on the opposite side of the campground went around in costume, and the proximity meant that if we needed anything at the last minute, it wouldn't be difficult to get.

Next one will be on November 20-22 in Bothe Napa.

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