Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Original Receipt

At the request of a number of people who have seen my mythical original sales receipt, I scanned and am posting it here. Click on it for a bigger version.

For the Record:
Tourist Shipping Order Invoice Number 79132 (Money in USD)
Kombi - 2,023.00
US Spec equiped - 101.50
Camp Equipment and Pop top and tent - 1,017.00
Radio - 65.00
Vent Windows - 11.00
Turnover tax (credited upon export) - 353.93
International Registration - 4.50
Total - 3,575.93

Plus - 47.00 for 3 months of basic insurance upon delivery

Adjusted for inflation, the price of the bus new would have been $19,617.06 in 2008.

Bunkum and/or Twaddlefest

My friend and fellow camper Joe is an interesting guy. He shares the same weird obsessions with odd gear. I've fixed thing in his car, he's pointed me to cool stuff and given me good gear advice.

The best thing he has done is invited me to his campouts. They are an odd collection of people, or a collection of odd people, take your pick. I'll introduce a few here. For instance:

John La Torre

On the Left. He builds his own mandolins, and has written the definitive book on making tents for the SCA crowd.
He drives a very impressive Dormobile, and is likely the only guy I have seen who sues his closet the way it was meant to be used - to hang clothes.

Monday, April 27, 2009

M Codes

Since I am now VW blogging for real, I thought a little research was in order:
MPlate Code

According to the Mplate, this is my car:
M-Plate content
Model Type 2 (T2) mod. 231(0) - Kombi, cargo door right, LHD
Chassis number 2302207109
Serial number 207 109
Modelyear 1970
Production date
Tuesday, 19 May 1970
Type of engine Type 1 (B5) - 1584cc, 35 kW (47 bhp DIN)
Type of transmission Manual 4-speed gearbox
Paint color L30H - Montana Red
Interior color (doorpanels and seats) - Westfalia Campmobile (type T23)
Destination Picked up by first owner at the factory in Germany, meant for US-market

M-CODE Description Concerned models From chassis number To chassis number
025 Instrument panel; speedometer with trip recorder and clock 211-274 213 2 000 001
097 Car radio model "Emden" (MW, LW, FM and tapedeck connection)
195 Exclusive use of Blaupunkt radio (with M095,M097 & M098 only)
507 Vent wings in cab doors 211-235,261-274
517 Factory prepared for campmobile interior 2 14 2057 729
518 Campmobile : Opening in roof with reinforcement for westfalia pop-up roof 231,234 2 14 2057 729
D25 Specifications for the USA - Collection of M-codes: M 020/089/102/206/507/511/521/524/525
> 020 Speedometer & odometer in Milesin miles 211-274
> 089 Glass - windshield (laminated) 211-268
> 102 Rear window glass, heatable 211-268
> 206 Inner rear-view mirror, anti-dazzle
> 507 Vent wings in cab doors 211-235,261-274
> 511 Padded instrument panel (LHD only) 211-271
> 521 With additional chrome trim and sun visor with mirror 221-228 219 300 000
> 521 With additional chrome trim 221-228 210 2000 001
> 524 Sealed beam headlamps, dual circuit brake control, back-up light and side marker reflectors (LHD) without emergency light system 211-241-265, USA, Canada 219 000 001 219 999 999
> 524 Sealed beam headlamps, dual circuit brake control, back-up light and side marker reflectors (LHD) with buzzer for ignition-starter switch 211-241-265, USA, Canada 210 2 000 001 212 2 000 000
> 524 Sealed beam headlamps, dual circuit brake control, back-up light and side marker reflectors (LHD) 211-241-265, USA, Canada 212 2 000 001
> 525 Three-point safety belts front, left and right and lap belts in passenger compartment 211-265, USA, Canada
H67 SO67 Westfalia Campmobile interior 67H

Bus for Sale

Jenny the wonder bus. I have no idea why, but it's not bad.

What is this?

I'm at Finnon Lake, just outside of Placerville, camping with a friend.

Camping with lots of friends. Some of them I've known for a couple of years, others for a couple of moments. Camping liberates. You can say things you wouldn't say otherwise, laugh louder, burn bigger fires, drink taller glasses, eat richer foods. Camping gives you permission to return to the elemental basis of you.

Brett and Elizabeth, whom I consider good friends even though we have only camped together 3 times, remind me that my other blog isn't about VW's. They suggest that I get back in the game and start writing my VW adventures up again. I agree.

Picking a good blog name is not easy. Brett has a great one - Big blue. It is his bus, his license plate, his identity. His other VW is little blue. It works. Party Pickle works pretty well to - it's green, it looks like a pickle, it's a traveling party. A good name for my VW blog has been elusive. My bus has no name, and probably never will. Juliette and I don't name our cars, though I tried once. It didn't take. (Clyde - the blue 1991 Toyota Landcruiser - named after the blue ghost from Pac Man.)

What is Elementhis? It's a word I made up. It came from:
Ellen, Clement, Elizabeth, and Louis. I'll write more about my grandparents later, and probably embellish my memory of them with great flourish. What are grandparents for if not idealization of greater days?

So. Here I am. Let me check adjust the valves, check the oil and fuel lines, finish packing, and get on the road. I know a great sandwich place for lunch.

Hello World

Hello World

Introducing, The Squirrel

I have another VW. I know it's a sickness. I'm cutting and pasting the post that I put on the samba: The Back story: My grandpare...