Monday, April 27, 2009

What is this?

I'm at Finnon Lake, just outside of Placerville, camping with a friend.

Camping with lots of friends. Some of them I've known for a couple of years, others for a couple of moments. Camping liberates. You can say things you wouldn't say otherwise, laugh louder, burn bigger fires, drink taller glasses, eat richer foods. Camping gives you permission to return to the elemental basis of you.

Brett and Elizabeth, whom I consider good friends even though we have only camped together 3 times, remind me that my other blog isn't about VW's. They suggest that I get back in the game and start writing my VW adventures up again. I agree.

Picking a good blog name is not easy. Brett has a great one - Big blue. It is his bus, his license plate, his identity. His other VW is little blue. It works. Party Pickle works pretty well to - it's green, it looks like a pickle, it's a traveling party. A good name for my VW blog has been elusive. My bus has no name, and probably never will. Juliette and I don't name our cars, though I tried once. It didn't take. (Clyde - the blue 1991 Toyota Landcruiser - named after the blue ghost from Pac Man.)

What is Elementhis? It's a word I made up. It came from:
Ellen, Clement, Elizabeth, and Louis. I'll write more about my grandparents later, and probably embellish my memory of them with great flourish. What are grandparents for if not idealization of greater days?

So. Here I am. Let me check adjust the valves, check the oil and fuel lines, finish packing, and get on the road. I know a great sandwich place for lunch.

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  1. Fantastic stuff! Can't wait for all the stories. Now you can post some pics of the bus through out the years. I never knew you had it so long!

    Great time camping this weekend. We'll do it again in a couple weeks, though it probably won't be as relaxing as Finnon Lake seems to be.

    Good times.


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