Thursday, April 29, 2010

Out and About, riding to Finnon.

It's been over a month since my last update. Apologies. The street cred of any blog is it's frequency and it's relevance and I am currently failing on both.

And since I am mentioning frequency, I should point out that my bus is frequently parked these days. I'll post a follow up later. For now, I'll post the highlights of the most recent Finnon Lake campout.

Joe hosts two campouts a year at Finnon lake. I've posted a couple of them, this one from two years ago has the correct tone.

This year, I had to take the motorcycle as the bus is about to undergo major surgery. I was also a little under the weather. Note to guy on plane: Hey man, when you are that sick, please don't fly. The rest of us don't need your cooties.

I arrive Saturday mid-day, there are plenty of other BMW motorcycles there. We like our vehicles german, and our engines horizontally opposed. Just like our women. What?!? I'm kidding.

and the Oaks are beginning to come into full bloomage.

It's a typical sunset at Finnon, we all gather at the restaurant across the lake to eat.

And since I'm sick, I got to bed early and miss the usual campfire rounds of drinking and lies.

But the next morning I wake up to the geese trumpeting.

And John, Melissa making coffee.

The motorcycle crew gets breakfast and leaves. They have to head to Santa Barbara, so they are gone early.

The rest of us head up the hill to Gene's place. Gene is the guy with the burnt out bus. He also flies airplanes.

We cook up some meat on his grill for lunch before I head home.

It's a smaller VW crowd, but a larger overall crowd this year.

We did have one late comer. He was pretty much ready for anything.

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