Thursday, September 30, 2010

Days One one and Two - Camping

I finished packing when UPS shows up with a tent. I don't need to bring a tent, I have the bus and the side tent, but my wife might want it, so why not? It goes in the last place I have any room, and I'm out the door, across the bridge, and on my way to Napa to meet Big Blue.

We worked our way to the lake, and I did a little engine testing through the turns on the hill. Works just fine! So does the suspension. Just Saying. ;)

We found our spots near John "Tent of Doom" La Torre, and had a beer with the rest of the usual suspects before zonking.

There were a few newbies, Brian and his sweet set up "ready for anything mobile", and John enticed a friend to show up in their tear drop trailer.

Fall Finnon Fest was not as hot as last year, nicely mellow, and and excellent chance to say good bye to joe who is off to China for at least six months.

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