Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tour Bus

Living in San Francisco comes with the added benefit of everyone wanting to visit. It's picturesque, there is excellent food, and an incredible array of museums and beautiful places to walk through.

I am usually the tour guide. My bus is often the tour bus.

Some friends from Los Angeles were here a couple of weeks, ago, I took them to twin peaks, and around various pretty parts of town. Their daughter drew a picture for me. I'll frame it and put it next to my other VW related pictures.

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  1. I am in a similar situation living in Denver, CO. Whenever we have visitors we usually take them for a tour of Denver, Boulder, and Rocky Mountain National Park in my restored 1965 VW Samba Microbus. After awhile I decided to see if I could actually make money at hauling people around by starting a limo service (http://hippielimo.com). Not sure what the long term prospects are for it, but it is sure a lot of fun!


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