Thursday, August 23, 2012

The winding road

It curves right and then goes up a hill, and then when you think you can drift downhill, there is a sharp left turn. Brake early, and then it veers right again and it's back up another hill. Watch out for the cliff around the corner, you won't have time to admire the view, just pay attention to the road. There are rocks and strong winds. It might rain today.

That's a road I know. And it's been my life for the past few months, so in order to try an regain some normalcy, I'm going to get caught up on my VW blog. Apologies to my smal list of subscribers - I've been behind.

Since my last update:
-Bus City
-VW Classic Irvine
-Several road trips
-Mark's museum again
-Kelley Park - San Jose
-Syncrofest (yeah, I cheated and snuck in)
-One really big road trip, not in the bus.

I'll get try to do this in Chronological order. I may mess up.

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