Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Texas via Non-VW road trip.

It's December 10. A Tuesday morning, and I am loading myself and the wine and the rest of the gear into the Sprinter. It's not a Bus, its loaded with power, luxury, equipment, and all the items that I normally don't need or use on a road trip. I'm not the only one going.

There's a family wedding outside of San Antonio, and we have been tasked with providing the wine. Shipping is expensive.

I'm traveling with two in-laws, they have done road trips before, but not this kind of distance or time constraint, and not with me. The invite was appreciated and was a welcome end to a rough year.

We drove this vehicle.

6 AM and we are headed out the door. Down I5. Pasadena, San Bernadino, Palm Springs.

I am suspiciously not taking that many pictures this time. There isn't much to take pictures of... It's dry, high dessert, and our plan today is to cover distance.

Road signs are teasing us of the places that we aren't visiting.

Blythe. I am confident that the alien superrace that secretly controls our minds lives in Blythe. They will never be discovered there, as no one ever visits.

We are treated to a spectacular sunset.

Phoenix. We arrive at an almost reasonable hour, around 8:00pm.

We have a well-deserved dinner here. For anyone in Phoenix who has the pleasure of eating there, I have serious food envy, and I live in a food capital. Seriously, I would I driven there just for dinner.

We wake up early the next morning and head to the Boneyard. Up Next

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