Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ft. Collins. Turkey. and more

I like to think of myself as a bit a traveler. I don't do any huge trips lasting months or years, but I like to see the world. Everytime I get on a plane, pack the motorcycle, or load up the bus, I remember this quote:
"Travel is the enemy of bigotry, narrow-mindedness, and prejudice." -Mark Twain

So when somebody packs up their bus and toodles around Europe, I'm a mixed drink of awe and envy.

Oddly, this guy lives in Ft. Collins (from where this blog is being posted). I've seen his bus on the streets here.

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  1. That area of Turkey (Cappadoccia) is where I have been to a handful of times. I suggest that you go there too.

    I will be happy to plan your travel itinerary and introduce you to my very own Turks.


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