Friday, June 5, 2009

West Coast Metric

Anyone who restores a bus has a small handful of companies that they rattle off when looking for parts:
West Coast Metric
Mid America Motorworks
Wolfsburg West
Bus Depot
Just Kampers
Go Westy

While attending a conference, I had a chance to stop by one of the long-term companies down in Torrance, CA - West Coast Metric. I needed parts, they were there, so I just stopped by and picked them up.

First, I'm welcomed by the service manager, he posts on the samba with the name (deleted for privacy), but trust me, if you use the samba, you know him.

He takes me back to the museum and lets my eyes pop out of my head, and my jaw drops to the floor. Don't drool on your keyboard.
Rare. One of a Kind. Flawless.

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  1. Wow! I LOVE the maroon and teal bus that you can just see the back of. Very cool color combo. And what is that woody? Was the front a bug? Very cool stuff!

  2. I added a few more pics on flickr. The Woody was a hybrid woody on a VW frame.


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