Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Lantern thing

Camping with friends requires a certain amount of acceptance that everyone has their quirks. Melissa for example, runs a clean campsite. Always. Dishes go here, cooking goes here, plates here, organized perfectly. (I think that's a good thing)

Joe has a thing about coleman lanterns. He hates them - too bright. Some of his fliers actually say "no Colemans". What he really means is that he doesn't want lanterns with nylon mantels which burn brighter than open flame lanterns.

So Joe uses kerosene lanterns, which both smell like kerosene and require more work. But they give a nice glow and have some sort of soft quality to them.

So, in compliance with his policy, some of us have found kerosene lanterns, and others have been given lanterns. (Note: if you want free lanterns, help a guy who collects them clean his garage. He will find old ones and give them to you like so:)

The brand of choice is vintage Dietz since they have that neat "lift the globe with a level and light it underneath" quality to them. I found an old railroad lantern that is supposed to work for 100 hours with the fuel in the tank. Bonus: It's red.

As for those PVC hanging things, those were the lowest tech lowest cost highest functionalty hangers we could find on the samba. 1/2inch PVC tee, threaded 1/2 pvc pipe, hand cut the notch, hang the lantern on the rain gutter, problem solved.

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