Thursday, October 4, 2012

Irvine Classic 2012

I went to the VW Classic in Irvine last year. This year, I was back in L.A. for the same weekend, so I made sure I went again.

There are 116 photos in this set. Peruse at your leisure. Otherwise, read on.

Did you say you wanted donuts? I know I wanted some. This bus obliged. (No seriously, there were donuts inside, they just weren't made using the equipment. I'm fine with Krispy Kreme.)

You can hack a VW motor into anything. I'm not sure you'd want to, but you can.

This is a Barris classic. You could even get a Revel model for this car.

Ummmm. What?

Ahhh. Here are my people.

Yeah, that's what the inside should look like.

I was short on time, so I didn't get to spend too much time in the vendor aisles or talking with like minded folks. The Bay Window and Eurovan crowd has come into theirs own and proudly display their vehicles now - I remember a few years ago when we were the red-headed step children. We were allowed to play quietly, but they didn't want us at the table around dinner time.

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  1. Too much fun. I can hear ya when you mention the like minded people. Shouldn't life be spent with such?


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