Tuesday, March 12, 2013

101 posts

This is my 101st post. From a blogging standpoint, that's not that many. I started posting on this blog in April of 2009, after spending five months in Canada.

Since then I've:
- been on 26 group campouts, and 6 solo campouts.
- driven about 32000 miles

Much of this blog is linked to my flickr account which has it's own ranking - obviously pictures of cosplay chics at comiccon are the highest ranked. Everyone loves slave Leia.

But on the VW side, my most popular pics are this one:
Luggage Rack mounts
Apparently everyone wants to know what those original rubber mounts looked like.

This one:

Pop Top Corner
I'm sure this is due to a samba thread that discusses refinishing a pop top.

and this one consecutively.
Front and back
(I'm sure its for the same reason.)

In the past five years, I have:
Replaced the engine.
Redone the entire brake system.
Recut the most of the wood panels.
Refinished the fiberglass top.
Replaced the canvas.
Recovered the front seats.
Built an outside-the-bus table.
Replaced the clutch.
Rewelded the passenger side shock absorber mount.

I've driven the bus through six western states. I say western because, let's face it, eastern states are just not that large.

During each drive, locally and far away, I lose count of the number of smiles, peace signs, "lookitthat"s, "nice bus", and "I used to have one- I never should have sold it"s.

I had three offers for purchase left on my windshield, and two "Wow your bus is really nice be good it it" notes. My favorite one was found in Yosemite while I was out hiking.

It occurs to me that I haven't posted enough, or driven enough. Time to fix that.

Happy driving.

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