Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mark Merrill's Museum Redux

Mark Merrill is really a nice guy.  He helped build a ridiculously successful company and he has a strange compulsion for vintage VW's.

During the annual Aircooled parts Treffen, the garage got opened (again) to the public, and Mark provided coffee, donuts and fruit (yeah, we are Californians, there is always fruit) to everyone while the wandered through his wonder.

I've talked about his garage before.
Post 1
Post 2
and Post 3

I rode on the coattails of the Treffen to joing them for another round at the VW house of dreams.
I forgot my camera. So these are iphone pics.

The fireengine water pump is, of course, another vw engine.

Mark Merrills Museum

I have a thing for teardrop trailers. This one especially.

Mark Merrills Museum

This is a cutaway model to show people how the engine works. It has an eletrically powered slow movement so you can watch the cylinders and valves all move in time with each other.

Mark Merrills Museum

Mark Merrills Museum

The garage space is enviable.

Mark Merrills Museum

One of the treffen drivers had this beauty behind it. I wonder how well it did going over some of the hills.

Mark Merrills Museum

And there was this beauty.

Mark Merrills Museum

Next time I head down there I'll take more detail pictures. In the meantime, feel free to read this post.

Or watch this video.

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