Saturday, August 6, 2011

Private Museum - Schwimmwagen

One of the things that happens when you start fixing an old car is that you begin to imagine the world of possibilities. You begin to say things like "man, if I had enough money I'd buy a..." and the endless list begins.

That guy who has enough money exists. He has a private museum and restoration shop, and the Airhead cruise took me there with them. Thanks guys.

Sitting outside the shop was the schimmwagen. It had the gun, the paddles, and all the internal parts that you would need if you are invading your neighbors estate on the other side of the lake.

I'll be posting more pics later. If you want to jump the gun, click here and see the pictures that my friend took.


  1. Best. Volkswagen. Ever.
    Strike that: Best. Vehicle. Ever.


  2. THAT IS AMAZING! How cool would it be to have that?


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