Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Concord Treffen

I like the word "treffen". The dutch translation is a verb that means several things depending on context - to hit, to encounter, or find by chance, to achieve or accomplish, or to feel. VW gathering organzers probably use it in the way that it was meant in German - as a noun. Treffen (n) A meeting.

Concord is a town in the greater bay area that once was separated by boundaries and tree groves. It was a cute little place, but as with all things in high-density population areas, land is scarce, and town borders blur into each other as they expand.

Part of Concords charm is that it has a lot of older homes, older trees, older town members. Many of them have been collecting cars and other things (like all those oil lanterns that I have been gathering). Sometimes they bring them to little parks and show them off on warm summer Sundays. The Concord Treffen on August 8 was one such event.

The Messerschmidt. When I was a kid, I thought that the German company who made these took the cockpit of airplanes, and just added a set of wheels. I thought they were practice vehicles for German pilots, kind of like training wheels on a bicycle. It wasn't till mid-grade school that I was corrected on my improbable historical fiction. I like my story better.

The Hebmuller. Joseph HebMuller started out making coaches for horse-drawn carriages. They ended up making the Type 1 vehicle for Volkswagen, but went out of business in 1952. This one, as I understand it, was a military vehicle.

The Random. Some older Porsches, some strange displays, several people with works in progress (like all of us I suspect) and a couple of Things.

More Pics here. 

Up next. Vallejo Busfest.

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