Friday, August 12, 2011

More Museum Cars

Here are a few more. These two were apparently made on the same day, shipped to the US, and purchased by people who lived not too far from each other.

Here are a few more in his collection, I like the massive VW factory pictures on the wall.

Did someone ask for a VW trailer?

 The back room had about every toy you could imagine.
The owner was kind enough to take me to the shop in back. This dealership sign was sitting there.
If you do a wikipedia search on this car, you will be redirected to the Karmann Ghia. Suicide doors were stock. I've never seen one before.

And finally, the Puma. These cars are almost not google-able. Limited info on Wikipedia, most info on forums scattered around the less-fasionable parts of the 'net. What is up with that logo?

More pictures can be found here. My friend took some good ones here.

If you are interested, Mark Merrill is the Museum/shop owner, he's a damn nice guy, and a VW fanatic. (Two of my favorites.) His museum is occasionally open to the public, it tends to be around VW related events. He also constantly wins awards for his restorations.

Up next. The Concord Treffen.


  1. Here's an article on that sp2 - awesome looking car!

  2. Great post! Love the pictures you took, it was really cool to see some of the more obscure VWs that you don't often hear about. Thanks!


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