Monday, August 8, 2011

Private Museum Buses

A row of buses in flawless (of course) condition sat at the back of the museum. The Ambulance was impressive, but my favorite was the mobile kitchen - that tall green one.

I wasn't about to ask the owner to move it around, so I squeezed between the two to get this picture:
Its a 1966 Highroof, and was designed to be a mobile army kitchen. In the back is a gas container and a stove - similar to a coleman. The side panel opened up like your standard food coach truck.

This display item was on the wall, motorized wheels made them turn.

This beautiful specimen was parked outside - I love the dual horns.

For those of you who want a Westfalia but don't want a campmobile, there is always this solution:
Use this emblem to keep your street cred.
It looks like this inside:

and remember, if you can sell her on this, you can sell her on anything.

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