Thursday, January 28, 2010

Preparation: Johns shop pr0n

I'm married to a pretty kick ass wife who has this uncle who fixes VW's. He's been doing it for a while, he's knows his merde. We will probably be working on the engine together just so I can do this without him.

I had to stop by his place for lunch to order parts of the head rebuild, and since I had my camera, I figured that I would take some pictures of his work.

Warning: Engine porn below.

This is what he does with old parts. Some of them go to get remachined, most of them go to get recycled.

This is the sign of a good mechanic. Notice that there are no oil stains on those boxes. All those parts are clean, and ready for use. If they weren't they would be in the other pile.

This Ghia was getting a new set of tie rods put in.

This engine was a restored one for a customer. Note the decals on the fan shroud.

Caution: some assembly required

This beauty is a porsche engine in development.

Most engines come in looking like this, I'm pretty sure that mine will.

Completed - now it just needs with acoutrements.

I'll take pictures of mine during disassembly. I just hoping that we can get it done before superbowl weekend. Otherwise, I'll be taking the motorcycle.

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