Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A drinking crowd with a VW problem

There are t-shirts of various places around the country that say - a drinking town with a here. I.E. "Breckenridge, a quaint little drinking town with a skiing problem". And "Portland - a quaint little drinking town with a Hipster problem". Our little camping group isn't full of drunks and/or alcoholics, but we like our wine and our beer. Occasionally, we like a cocktail. 

This year at George's Birthday party,  I tried my hand at cocktails. (George is John LaTorre's bus. See Here for more)

For those who prefer an easily made drink, we had other options.
And if drinking an adult beverage is not your think, there is always eating.
Or maybe you don't like the food we brought. Then I hope you have a sweet tooth.
What? You don't like cake? Or food? Or beer? or a cocktail? Then I have no idea why you are camping with us... perhaps you just like to sing.
Or maybe traveling around is your thing

Here's the thing about us... we are an "all of the above" kind of crowd. We don't really care if you bus is new or newer.

Old or older.
Or just weird.
We want to camp, preferably with you. Bring Wine, bring wood. Drive, camp, be well.

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