Monday, January 18, 2010

Clutch Conclusion

I'm up and running again. Not in enough time to make the Buses by the Bridge show, but at least I have dry wheels in wet weather.

I've had a problem with the clutch for a while -a slight chatter between each shift. After pulling the engine, I found the problem. The swing arm that holds the throw out bearing has a slight depression in it that keeps the throw out bearing from sitting flat on contact with the pressure plate. For the moment, I'm living with it, but I'll probably replace it this weekend.

While the engine was out, I installed a stock exhaust system that I have coated:

And I found the source of the awful oil smell - the driver side heat exchanger had holes in it. That got replaced too.

And of course when you pull and engine and dismantle tin and parts, you wipe off all the oil you can.

Some Notes:
The Stock exhaust is so much quieter. Unnervingly quiet - so now I hear road noise that I haven't heard before and wonder if parts need replacing or if it has always sounded like that.

I ceramic coated the exhaust. If it extends the life of the exhaust system by three years, it will have paid for itself. Check with me in three years.

This was the first engine pull I did alone in a long time. Oddly - not that difficult if you have a proper jack on the transmission to help with alignment.

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